Welcome to Selsil, a continent heavily influenced by religion. The four sister deities once governed the turning of seasons, and even now that they are gone, their essence keeps this motion going.

In the dark corners of the world, other deities of various alignments are worshipped – some content to keep to themselves, some waiting for their moment to rise and take the thrones.

Here, dragons are messengers of the gods. Their rare appearances mark events of great importance in the threads of fate.

Many druids wish to see all gods, both good and evil, fall from power; the inevitable wars ravage the land and cause suffering for the people. Those radical druids who decide not to live in harmony with religion conspire in their groves and seek allies in their cause.

Many of the planes can be reached by sailing away from the continent on a grand ship, but only if you know where to sail. Without the use of powerful spells, the only way to reach a plane is via the use of a compass – whether it be elemental, astral, or infernal.

What is your role in the fate of Selsil?

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The Masks of Dark Faiths