The Harrow Reading

“The queen mother represents one who shares knowledge with underlings only when they have been subservient. She likes the powerless, as they do not question or defy her, and remain below her. But this is in the past now, perhaps indicating that you have a chance to leave the colony and attain independence.

The Tangled Briar represents an ancient power or deed having great influence, and in the bottom row, is to be interpreted in a negative light.

The Juggler represents fate, or a path decided by the gods. it is unclear as to whether this path will prove fruitful or faulty.

The Midwife brings new and crucial information, but here it is misaligned, and indicates that the news does not bring much joy.

The Snakebite is usually a card of treachery and broken friendships, but in the top row, it instead brings promise of new bonds and friendships made.

The Uprising represents a group or power that will overwhelm you and cause great difficulty. The group seeks to overthrow, or to cause a drastic change."

The Harrow Reading

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